Getting Paid!


I make sure that my clients can BILL THEIR CUSTOMERS!

This is so important!

The billing process must be easy and quick to use. It takes planning and effort to set this up right but it is essential that this process run smoothly.

I make sure that my clients have a business account properly set up and connected to PayPal, Stripe, or whatever service they decide to use for their billing.

If you need to do recurring billing (usually monthly), NO PROBLEM! I have researched this issue and discovered a fantastic and inexpensive system for recurring billing.

I also coach them on how to charge on an HOURLY basis or on a PROJECT basis. This is especially useful for businesses that sell advice and expertise.

I also have a special program developed to coach CONTRACTORS to do instant quotes and billing right on the job site to facilitate instant payment for their services before they leave the job site.

Also I can teach you to support your quotes and billing with pictures and video. Project documentation with Before and After video and imagesĀ is the wave of the future, especially for contractor projects.

More on this later...

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