Systems Evaluation

Successful businesses have reliable systems in place for operations, filing, computer backup, scheduling, billing, accounting, and marketing.

I will help you evaluate your current systems and suggest areas of improvement.

This sounds more complicated than it really is. My approach is to keep it simple and I take the "common sense" approach.

For example:

I help my clients minimize paper filing and set up a process to scan documents and store them in the cloud.

I help my clients set up computer backup procedures to allow for the dreaded "catastrophic hard drive failure" and "blue screen of death".

I help my clients integrate their calendar and scheduling software with their mobile apps so that it all works together.

I help my clients bill their customers on the spot so that they can avoid a "billing backlog that has to be done on Friday night".

In general, as I get to know you I will have specific suggestions to help you overcome bottlenecks in your workflow.

Believe me, the process of getting a grip on your business systems can actually be FUN.

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