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Middletown Education Collaborative

John walked us through every step of creating a new website for our non-profit organization. He is professional, patient, organized and thorough.

He is responsive, knowledgeable and keeps you on the right track.

John has been incredibly helpful over the years. We could not be doing this without his support. He is great to work with and I highly recommend his services.

Ann Johnson

A-1 Car, Cab and Van

Just yesterday, someone told me that he found my website on Google. He booked transportation with my company. This has had a direct effect on my business revenues! I am showing up in positions 2 AND 3 on Google for my prime target keyword. Big John gets the job done. You don’t have to be internet savvy, just hire John to do the job for you!

R J von See

Farm of Peace

John is so much fun to work with. He generously shares his expertise, ideas, skill and creativity. He brings patience and light-heartedness to the process of developing a great web site.

Thank you, John! – Halima, Farm of Peace Administrator

John is a genius! He makes even the most complex tasks fun and entertaining. He listens to what you need and then gives you so much more than what you can imagine. Our website has come alive with heart and soul.

What a blessed gift he is. – Salima, Farm of Peace Director

Salima Adelstein

William Conelly

If you’re in the market for a computer and website consultant, John O’Donovan’s your man.  I’ve taken his leads in computing literally for decades, and he’s never set me on a false trail.  Not once.  If you’re right, he’ll tell you; if you’re wrong, he won’t embarrass you, just set you right again.  This isn’t just a fair guy; this is a great guy, a pearl without price—big, kind and insightful.  You’ll never regret a day’s business with him.

William Conelly

Domenic Daddio

John built a great website that continues to impress my patients. I am also getting calls from new prospective patients on a regular basis. I am very happy with my results.

Domenic Daddio

Halima Jen Willett

‘Working with John has “turned my website mountains into molehills.” I deeply appreciate his skillful, supportive, and kind nature, as well as his computer genius.”

Halima Jen Willett

From Psychotherapy to Spiritual Life Coaching

I cannot say enough about John’s expertise and strong knowledge of all that is involved with website development and the social media advertisement. It’s truly amazing and certainly overwhelming for me to even stay current with the latest when it comes to having my own business and all that it takes to generate a strong clientele base. John is always available within a day or two when I need his advice and services. I believe that the more I know what I am wanting, I make his job easier. However, when I am undecided, I can always count on him to listen to my concerns. He always has some bit of positive view with clarification that helps me tremendously!! Thanks to John, my experiences are fun and productive to learn from.

Kathleen Del Rio, MS, LMHC

John is awesome !!!!

John is very professional, knowledgeable, and extremely patient with his clients. I went into this with little knowledge and was apprehensive about getting involved with a website yet alone setting one up. John went through all the steps of developing and managing the site in a manner that was clear and easy to follow. He also pointed out the benefits and showed some short cuts to help bring me up the learning curve fast. The result was a site that  has lots of photos and information for my customers and was set up so  search engines would find us first as a primary source.  This web site has helped us reach many new customers as we were having difficulty reaching various groups. John also came up with some great ideas to generate new sales like coupons as a reminder to our customers to frequent our business.

John not only is knowledgeable in developing a website but has also trained me in utilizing the tools that can make my business grow and reach the demographics that are eager to spend time and money in our industry.

John is awesome !!!!


Nancy Moore

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